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Salty Art Origins...

My watercolour artworks are my encapsulation of the beauty and complexity of our backyard aquarium.

I am a watercolour artist from the Central Coast of Australia, I take inspiration from the coastline, and it’s marine life. I have adapted my style and techniques to create whimsical oceanic scenes with three-dimensional detail. Enamoured by all sea life and its fragile beauty, I paint from my travels, deriving passion from experience.

I have been extremely fortunate to have been featured artist at the Waterline Gallery. Each exhibition captured a different mood in my oceanic theme. In 2015 I received the People’s Choice Award at the Avalon Art Show. BIOPAK featured my work, Green Sea Turtle in their 2019 Biocup Art Series. More recently, I was approached by House & Garden Magazine to appear as a featured artist.


It has been incredibly exciting and humbling seeing photos and posts pup up around the country displaying my artwork. I have always had a passion for art and a connection to the ocean. I paint what I love.


Australia has the most diverse and incredible sea life. We need to protect and ensure these creatures can continue to exist in their habitat. Conservation and environmental awareness is paramount. We need to remember that its a privilege not a right to interact and live amongst these natural wonders. The only footprint we should be leaving are those in the sand.

All artworks available for purchase are my original work. Custom products and commissions available.


Creativity is experimenting, growing, making mistakes & having fun. 


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